Hello Lovelies, Meil's here. I am the artist behind Naked Amyl, drowning in recycled paper so you don't have to. 

I make all of the paper by hand, a very laborious job, who knew. I collect old newspaper, receipts and documents from my local community and turn it into beautifully unique recycled paper sheets ready to paint on! 

As for the painting, it is my lifeline and something that i will never take for granted. For some there's coffee, for me there's art! You will notice my style changes from time to time, but i can assure there will always be peaceful nudity and sun lit scenery. 

Life is so unpredictable and sometimes we can get lost in the chaos of our lives. I want to share what i see when my mind wanders to that beautiful creative place.

There is so much credit to be given to my siblings and loved ones for helping me pull this together! <3